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E1 Set to Make a Splash on REV TV

Burlington, ON (January 31, 2024) — REV TV CANADA'S MOTORSPORTS & MOTORING DESTINATION 24/7 is set to be a part of a sea change in marine motorsports with the launch of the UIM E1 World Championship, which boasts an incredible list of team owners that includes NFL superstar Tom Brady, tennis legend Rafael Nadal, F1 icon Sergio Perez, former Chelsea soccer star Didier Drogba, global music pioneer Steve Aoki, and American singer-songwriter and actor Marc Anthony. 

The E1 World Championship holds the exclusive with the UIM to promote a fully electric raceboat series, making it a World Championship. The championship was established to create a new, competitive on-water racing proposition based on clean technologies to develop technologies to better protect and conserve waters and coastal areas.

The most striking feature of E1 is the RaceBird, a futuristic vessel that feels like it is plucked from the pages of your favourite sci-fi novel. The revolutionary raceboat’s concept sprung from the fertile mind of Norwegian designer Sophi Horne. Rodi Basso, founder and CEO of E1 Series, and naval architect Brunello Acampora, made the wild watercraft—which soars above the surface of the water on advanced hydrofoil technology—a reality.

“We’ve been interested in the E1 World Championship since we heard of its inception in 2021,” said Ed Kanerva, Director of Marketing and Programming at REV TV. “We are pleased to have entered a multi year deal to showcase E1 and its commitment to sustainability in the motorsports space, which is a key tenet of our channel, as are speed and style, and with the incredible RaceBird and star-studded team owners, the E1 series all three in spades.”

The first round of the UIM E1 World Championship begins live at 8AM ET on Saturday, February 3rd. REV TV will host the entirety of the racing season along with highlights from races and a magazine program that gets to the heart of this groundbreaking new series

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